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Ways To Spend CCRB


Purchase a gift card from some of the biggest retailers in the UK that can then be used in-store using up to 10% CCRB.

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Buy from a huge range of more than 29,000 of our own-branded products and pay using 50% CCRB and other crypto currencies.


Make massive savings investing in property worldwide by paying up to 50% in CCRB and being rewarded with up to 8% ROI.

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Business Services

Use your CCRB to pay for a range of business-related services such as Accounting, Marketing and Professional Training.

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Video Testimonials

The CCRB shopping platform and ecosystem is not a proof-of-concept - it's been fully-functioning since Jan 2017 which is why we already have numerous testimonials from people all over the world who have already shopped and saved with CCRB

Chris Pomelli

 It's a very, very unique currency, due to its unique usability. I certainly suggest you check this thing out 

Yasin Patel

 I believe this cryptocurrency is the future, that's why I'm involved.